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2002-2005 Honda Civic Si Hb Techno R Carbon Kelvar Spoiler

Price:  Call for pricing! 

Model: 02HDCVCHBTNR-003K
2002-2005 Honda Civic SI HB Techno R Carbon Kelvar Spoiler. ViS Carbon Fiber Hoods are made from the finest carbon fiber available. Each hood is protected with a UV coating which allows the hood to hold its high gloss finish. All our carbon fiber hoods are Grade A and above. ViS Carbon Fiber Hoods have a tight carbon weave, rolled edges, and one piece undersiding. Make sure when purchasing a ViS hood, look for the ViS Authenticity Badge.
Hood pins are required. Intended for OFF ROAD use only.

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Currently viewing:  2002-2005 Honda Civic Si Hb Techno R Carbon Kelvar Spoiler

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