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2001-2003 Honda Civic 2Dr/4Dr Oem Style VIP Carbon Fiber Hood

Price  $754.00 
Model 01HDCVC2DOE-010V

2001-2003 Honda Civic 2Dr/4Dr Oem Style VIP Carbon Fiber Hood. Being good doesn’t mean that you should ever stop looking for ways to improve. We at VIS Racing Sports are constantly seeking for ways to improve our products.   While we have had a lot of success with our carbon fiber products, we are pleased to introduce a new manufacturing process to make a good product better at a reasonable price point.  Our new Vacuum Infusion Process (V.I.P.) utilizes a single-mold vacuum to produce parts that are 10-20% lighter than our current products while making them even more durable than ever before.  With the V.I.P. system, we are able to get a much more uniform coating on bigger surface areas of the parts, and at the same time reducing weight by extracting and removing any excess materials through the vacuum process.  The result is a stronger, lighter product, and maintaining the same beautiful carbon fiber look that our products are known for.  We are slowly, but surely transitioning our full spectrum of carbon parts to use the VIP process so that our customers can enjoy these improved products on their vehicles.

Currently Viewing: 2001-2003 Honda Civic 2Dr/4Dr Oem Style VIP Carbon Fiber Hood

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